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Moog Taurus Bass Synthesizer

Refill contains sounds from the Moog Taurus pedal synth, 14xCMB's, 3xSXT's, 3xSF2's. Thank you, HollowSun

Lizard's Roland D-50 Lizard

Lizard's Roland D-50 Sounds

Warwick Bass Warwick

Bass refill with excellent range

DRJ2 Dany Rock Jr.

20 Combinator patches from Dany Rock Jr. These Combinators have been created with great attention to detail. You will find epic sounds, sweet, sparkling aggressiveness and special effects.

xSynth xSynth

134 Combinator patches from the XSynth Library based on the Subtractor & Malstrom for Reason. It also contains 3 RNS demo songs.

Roland JX-3P V1.0 synthhead

Roland's first ever synthesizer. 6-voice polyphonic, 61 key synthesizer with sawtooth, 50 and 10% pulse waveforms, and a noise generator.

Kommande Andrew Skelton

Kommande contains the Parsec Spectral Synth as well as 81 very versatile patches. This refill is free to the Propellerhead community, and was created by Andrew Skelton for

eXode - The Reason Toolbox eXode

eXode is a toolbox of sound designer trips and tricks, as well as showcases of techniques, and a couple of extraordinary presets.


DRUMoMANIA is loaded with over 300 samples comprising 18 unique drumkits. This library is characterized by quirky, lo-fi drums, and versatility. Some samples are clean with a long tail, while others are short with an abrupt ending. Ready for finish work or not, these samples are fun to play with.

1001 Malstrom Reasonfreaks

This sequel to .1001 Subtractor Patches Refill. was made by Dave of Reasonfreaks and various contributors and once again, the name pretty much says it all.

Analog Monsters Volume 9 Reasonbanks Team

A must have collection for every Reason users. It provides a great basic set of vintage and modern analogue synthesizer sounds, covering arps, bass, leads, pads, mono- and poly keys, based on 9 famous analogue synthesizers.

Drum Essentials

Drum essentials for any refill collection!

Power Of Pulse

Pulses galour!

Bass Legends Vol 1

Bass Legends is essential for your foundation of bass samples. This library features no-frills basses that just sound great.

Schwartzs Drums N Percussion

An excellent selection of kicks, high hats, claps, snares, crashes and more!


Various high quality samples from the city - sirens, big city noise, running cars, and more.


Drums Schall Kraft (schallkraft_dr_01)

Sequential Vibe Drum Machines

Smooth drums!