Editor's Pick: DRUMoMANIA

DRUMoMANIA features quirky kicks, dubstep snares, and unique blips and clicks. Over 300 sounds and 18 kits.

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thr333-D (Levi Edwards)

Featured Artist: thr333-D

Upcoming artist, thr33-D, gives hip hop a new sound with witty rhymes, and a deeper meaning.

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Beat of the Day

Wake Up - written and produced by Alexander Baron.

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Refill Doesn't Fit Your Genre? Experimentation is Key.

Spark your creative side with rare Reason Refills. Remember that experimentation leads to inspiration. Famed super-producer, Dr. Dre said he was able to continue work on his Detox record when he rediscovered his love for experimentation.

Dr. Dre, using Reason

Mix With Reason

Give Your Reason Mixes Polish & Sheen.

You have the right Refills. You've written the song. What's next? You need to refine and polish your the mix of your composition. Learn the basics of levels, panorama, eq, and effects.

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Pro Studio Tips From Experienced Engineers.

Watch and learn from experienced producers and artists. Detailed step by step tutorials with example audio clips along the way.

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